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Edited volume “China, Yugoslavia, and the Socialist Worldmaking: Convergences and Divergences”, edited and authored by CroAsia experts, published by ZRS Koper (April 2023).

“China, Yugoslavia, and Socialist Worldmaking: Convergences and Divergences”

Edited by: Zvonimir Stopić, Jure Ramšak, Liang Zhanjun, and Jože Pirjevec


  • Zvonimir Stopić, Jure Ramšak, Liang Zhanjun, Jože Pirjevec: Introduction | 7

Section I: Sino-Yugoslav Relations

  • Jože Pirjevec: From Comrades to Revisionists and Back: The Vicissitudes of Sino-Yugoslav Relations from the 1930s to the 1980s | 21
  • Liang Zhanjun: Chinese Studies on the Causes and Fallout of the Soviet-Yugoslav Conflict: A Historical Review | 79
  • Li Yunxiao: Between Internationalism and Patriotism: The CPC’s Reactions and Responses to the Tito-Stalin Split | 93
  • Zhou Yuguang: Changing Discourse about Yugoslavia in the People’s Daily (1975‒1980) | 117
  • Sanja Radović: Sino-Yugoslav Relations in the 1970s: The Yugoslav Perspective | 137
  • Ivica Bakota: Between Mao and Deng: Did Sino-Yugoslav Rapprochement Come Too Late? | 163

Section II: China, Yugoslavia and the Global South

  • Zvonimir Stopić: Coexistence vs. Coexistence: The Intersection between Yugoslavia’s “Active Peaceful Coexistence” and China’s “Bandung Spirit” | 193
  • Wu Yao: China’s Attitude Towards Non-Aligned Policies in Third World Countries (1961–1976): A Historical Study Based on the People’s Daily | 221
  • Jovan Čavoški: Between Revolution and Non-Alignment: The Sino-Yugoslav Competition in Algeria and the Global Cold War | 265
  • Mateja Režek: Yugoslavia’s Policy Towards the Middle East and Its Relations with Israel, 1946‒1990 | 293
  • Cheng Zhenhai: Chinese Mainstream Media Perception of US Attempts to Build Middle East Military Alliances in the 1950s: An Investigation of Reports from the People’s Daily | 317
  • Jure Ramšak: Shared Premises, Disparate Outcomes: Chinese and Yugoslav Economic Engagement with Developing Countries (1971‒1989) | 341
  • Contributors | 363
  • Index of Names | 367

“China and Yugoslavia had a peculiar relationship during the Cold War, the effect of which, in addition to themselves directly, was felt throughout the world. By investigating Sino-Yugoslavian relations, the scholars who worked on this project were able to show how strong this effect was.” (Liu Zuokui, Institute of European Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences).

“The book reflects state-of-the-art research on the Cold War. Namely, it does not focus primarily on the rivalry of antagonistic ideological systems and blocs; rather, it considers the dynamics, driving forces, scope and consequences of trans-bloc exchange processes through the lenses of the two states under consideration.” (Marie-Janine Calic, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich).

The publication of this monograph was made possible within the framework of the bilateral project Bi-CN/18-20-017 China and Yugoslavia in the Global South: Convergences and Divergences, research program P6-0272 The Mediterranean and Slovenia, and the research project N6-0304 Rendering a Globalization Otherwise funded by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS).

Edited volume “China, Yugoslavia, and the Socialist Worldmaking: Convergences and Divergences”, edited and authored by CroAsia experts, published by ZRS Koper (April 2023).
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